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Derek Lestat, Elder & Patriarch of the GCVC

31 December 2019

Hello, everyone, whether you’re a member of the GCVC or not. This is the inaugural blog posting on this, the website of The Greater Chicagoland Vampire Coalition. Firstly, thank you for stopping here to read this. In the future, I want it known that while you’ll be seeing more posts from me, this blog forum is meant to be open to any members in good standing within the GCVC; you can feel free to compose a blog entry, offer a commentary or editorial, write an article or paper, compose a story or other work of literary art, whatever works for you. Simply submit it in a Word Doc to a member of the GCVC Council for approval and inclusion. That said, let’s move on. Most everyone ruminates on the past year come December 31st, and for the GCVC it’s really not much different. We’ve come a long way in the past 20 months. We’ve gone from a conceptual idea to realizing that idea. We’ve had our fair share of growing pains. We saw our original Council form, fall apart, and dissolve. We’ve seen a new cohesive and streamlined Council emerge and take things to the next level. The GCVC was there at the first-ever Elders & Leadership Summit. We’ve launched our website. The GCVC was in prominent attendance at Chicago’s First-Annual Vampire Ball burlesque event, as well as advising. We have solid relations with some of the biggest, oldest, and most respected Houses in the Vampire Community. We’ve grown from numerous individuals scattered across the Chicagoland area into a cohesive membership and a group of friends. We are making positive waves in and outside of Chicago, across the Lake Michigan area, and rapidly growing respect throughout the Greater Vampire Community as a whole. We have a founding voice in ACE, a new organization of Elders seeking to actively unite the Community, and work towards solving the myriad problems plaguing the Greater Vampire Community. We’ve had our share of bumps along the way, but in short: we are here.

We have even more than that in store, yet to come. We have our banners, which will be flying alongside the banners of other Houses, Clans, and Covens at vampire events across the country. Our membership will be attending these events, solidifying and maintaining our good relations with other vampire groups both here and abroad. You can expect to be on the lookout for our merch table at upcoming events beginning this coming year, both at GCVC events and as a vendor at other events. You can expect us to be representing at the 2nd Elders & Leadership Summit. Look for us to have a larger presence at the 2nd Chicago Vampire Ball, working to make it even bigger and better this year. Our monthly Meet-Ups will continue, promising to get bigger and better, expanding our solid local relations to become the main name in the Vampire Community across the Midwest. We’ve a very solid footing coming out of 2019 and an amazingly bright future ahead of us in 2020. We sincerely hope you’ll stay with us for the wild ride ahead!

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