The Greater Chicago Vampire Coalition

GCVC Meet-Ups

Come and see us in person! The GCVC holds monthly Meet-Ups in and around the Chicagoland and suburban areas in various locations and venues: restaurants, "dive" bars, events, festivals, etc.

Our Meet-Ups vary upon time of year/season, locations, events, and other factors that may come up. 

Members should feel encouraged to attend, and to make suggestions for future Meet-Ups.
Please check the News & Events tab, as well as our Facebook group, Facebook page, and look for us as Chicago Vampires on Meet-Up dotcom, or contact us via email for more information as it becomes available.

Contact Us

You can contact and reach out to the GCVC via inbox at our Facebook page, Facebook group, Chicago Vampires at Meet-Up dotcom, and via our email.
Links may be found at the page bottoms on this website.

You should also feel free to approach us at any of our Meet-Up Events.

Meet-Ups are held at least once a month. Times, dates, and locations will vary month to month. We try to cover the largest area possible, while also returning to our favorites when we can.