About Us

For decades, there hasn't been any significantly visible presence of the Real Vampire Community in Chicago. 
Until now, that is. We are The Greater Chicagoland Vampire Coalition; our name implies just what we are.
We offer guidance, friendship, assistance, tutelage, family, and more. We are here for all identifying vampires, as well as any of Chicago's other NightKin and Otherkin.
We are the official and legitimate sanctioned Vampire Haven of Chicago. We are allied with, yet separate from, the Vampire Temple Of Chicago. There is no other legitimate "Court" of Chicago. Our aim is to unite all of Chicago's Vampire, Nightkind, and Otherkin under one banner and flag. Groups and individuals are welcomed. 

Please also view the sections of "What We Are", "What We Are Not", and "Contact Us" for further information. 

Council, Staff, Ranking Officers
 Derek Lestat




 Harkyn DeGrey

Web Master

Sonja D'Oíche.jpg
Sonja D'Oíche

GCVC Social Director

Akisho Parker.jpg
Akisho Parker

Administrative Advisor

Lady Laura

GCVC Hostess